Sourceman consists of a team of exceptional, proactive engineering professionals striving to provide offshore sourcing and manufacturing services that our clients need, to enhance their business performance.

Our services are called upon as local suppliers

and manufacturers (in Australia and New Zealand ), struggle to match offshore competitive prices while maintaining the desirable quality. Traditional barriers to offshore sourcing such as communication problems and minimum order quantities have hindered efforts for companies wanting to take advantage of this opportunity.

Through our large network of reliable manufacturers, extensive experience and clear communication channels we are able to breakdown these traditional barriers and make offshore sourcing and manufacturing a profitable and highly beneficial activity in your business.

We specialise in sourcing of PCBs, Solder Paste Stencils, Electronic Parts & Components, Electronic Cable assemblies as well as plastic moldings at highly competitive rates resulting in significant cost savings for our clients.

As well as sourcing components and parts we also offer turn-key production management and circuit assembly services for projects carried out locally or in Asia.

In today's market place sourcing parts & services from overseas are no longer tactical options that can help firms to just save costs; such activities are a strategic necessity for any company that cares about its long-term competitiveness within the industry.

Significant Cost Savings
Through an established network of high quality & cost effective manufacturers in Mainland China and rest of Asia we are able to offer significant cost savings to our clients bringing about tangible monetary benefits to the stakeholders.

" If you wonder how much you could be saving on your procurement and manufacturing costs, now is the time to find out.

Unlike electronics component resellers and agents, we do not have large margins on our products or services.

We transfer the cost savings onto our clients through our low cost business operation model. "

Sourceman joins your team
At Sourceman we have the ability to become part of the production management or procurement team of our clients. All of our staff are highly qualified electrical and electronics engineers and are able to understand highly technical and specific electrical and mechanical design requirements of our clients.

No Compromise on Quality
All Asian and Chinese manufacturers within our supply chain network meet the highest quality standards. They have proved their capabilities over time and accept no compromise on quality. All products and services procured by Sourceman are guaranteed to meet our clients' specific quality standards.

Fast Response & Proactive Service
Product development cycles are being shortened now more than ever and companies can not afford to spend excessive amount of time for quotations and procurements. This fact is very well understood within Sourceman. We pride ourselves in being highly responsive to our clients' needs and being proactive on their behalf.

Increased competitiveness
Outsourcing electronics procurement and production removes many barriers to the growth of our clients' business, enabling them to direct all resources towards the core competencies of their firm.

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