At Sourceman we hope to become a strategic outsourcing partner for all development and manufacturing aspects of electronics design companies in Australia & New Zealand. 

Our outsourcing services provide our clients the means to manufacture their products cost effectively by offering the ability to operate with a very low variable cost structure, eliminating all overheads.

This service includes full supply chain management, assembly, final test, and shipping either to our clients’ facility or directly to the end user. Through outsourcing of electronics circuit assembly we are able to bring about significant cost savings to our clients.

Cost savings range anywhere from %15 to %75 on most circuit assemblies.

Using our electronics circuit assembly service allows our clients to take advantage of Sourceman's other services, including:
  • Printed Circuit Boards Sourcing
  • Solder Paste Stencils Sourcing
  • Complete BOM analysis (Electronic component sourcing)
  • Prototype circuit assembly
  • Production circuit assembly

Technical Capabilities:

  • Surface mount & Through-hole assembly
  • Finepitch BGA assembly with X-ray inspection
  • RF testing facilities
  • Customised Test Jigs
  • In-circuit-test (ICT), Functional testing, Temperature controlled burn-in test and automatic optical inspection (AOI) services.
  • IC programming, MAC address programming, product serializing and labeling services
  • Handling of all logistics requirements

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