A turnkey production management service puts all of our capabilities & resources at our client's disposal where Sourceman acts as a business unit within our client's firm.

This service is analogous to our clients hiring a team to carry out their electronics production & procurement.

"Let us become part of the team"

Through this service we support your engineering design team from the initial stages of design all the way to mass production, assisting in every step of product development cycle.

Such support can be in the form of: suggestions for component selection, sourcing alternative or replacement components, assistance in PCB design, identification of critical components, scheduling of orders, rapid-prototyping, master production planning, logistical planning, etc...

Upon finalising the circuit design, a bill of materials is created. Using this bill of materials, components & parts are sourced through our network of reliable and cost-effective manufacturers & suppliers, worldwide.

Sourceman's accurate management of parts-procurement and coordination with design teams, enables us to provide our clients with a rapid-prototyping service. Upon approval of the  initial prototypes (or any number of required revisions), a production master plan is set-out where the product is prepared for mass production.

Full visibility is given to the client over the entire production cycle. Through strict QC and QA systems the highest quality levels are maintained. Test and inspection reports can be supplied as required.

Upon completion of production the finished goods can be shipped to our client or the end user at only a fraction of the cost that our client would have otherwise incurred. (Savings range from %15 to %75)

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